Sekarang Telah Hadir Nurse Home Care Services Yang Siap Memberikan Pelayanan Perawatan Dan Penanganan Penyakit Kronis Dengan Layanan Home Service Untuk Anda Yang Membutuhkan Perawatan Intensive Namun Memiliki Keterbatasan Untuk Berpergian

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Job Descriptions

Chronic Disease Management

provides a range of services to clients living with a chronic illness such as Diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and renal disease. Services include assessment, management, education and referral.
Complex Personal Care

Complex Personal Care is provided to clients who require a high level of assistance with showering, dressing and assistance with daily living
Continence Management

This service provides treatment, information and education to adults and children who are at risk of, or who are experiencing, incontinence. Consultancy, information and education on incontinence are offered to health professionals and the genera...
Health Screening and Assessment

Nurses are qualified to conduct a variety of health screening procedures including physical, social, psychological and environmental home assessments. Nursing staff are competent in the practice of venipuncture, ECG recording, abdominal pain
Medication Management

staff liaise with medical practitioners and pharmacies to provide management and support with medication management.
Palliative Care

This service provides specialist and general Nursing care to clients in the final stages of their lives. Ozcare Nurses ensure clients remain comfortable and with optimal quality of life. Our Nurses specialise in pain control through medicatio...
Stomal Therapy

provides stomal therapy education, support and management for people with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.
Wound Management

Community Nurses and Allied Health staff provide specialist services for wound care, leg ulcers and stomal therapy. Ozcare’s highly qualified staff assess and treat acute or chronic wounds and provide advice on future prevention